E3 Boudoir Photography - Las Vegas

Professional Boudoir Photographer

I create the hottest boudoir in Las Vegas. My mentor, Michael Jones, always told me, “Be Different.” And that’s my goal, every day. I don’t want to create the same old boring boudoir photos. I want to make art. Let’s make art together!

Boudoir Photographer Erika Neely.

Meet Erika

I am adventurous. I have been known to lay down in the middle of the floor, to jump and dance around like a fool, and make silly noises just to get you the perfect image with the best smiles.

My style is relaxed and natural. I love to be the fly on the wall and just let my clients be themselves. I live to capture their silliness, their radiance, their tenderness and love in it’s true raw form…meaningful moments…the love of boudoir photography!

But what I enjoy most from my job…getting to know each of my clients. I feel very blessed that they have chosen me to capture special moments in their lives, and even more honored that I can consider them friends.

Blonde woman in red lingerie, standing in the desert.