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September 5, 2019 9:51 AM August

USA Collaborative - Nebraska

Earlier this year I was asked to take part in a wonderful collaborative event with photographers from all over the country.

Our project this year was entitled:  "Perfectly Imperfect".

Amidst all the discussions on what we should think about capturing, Nebraskans were going through some of the worst floods ever seen across the whole state. People were loosing homes, businesses, fields, live stock...even their very lives at the hands of these floods.

Talks of a rise in bankruptcy and suicide rates due to these struggles began, and the hashtag Nebraska Strong become a truth to a lot of us in this state. A reminder that we will survive this and come out stronger than ever.

So when the concept of "Perfectly Imperfect" was decided upon, I knew I had to show the nation what Nebraska Strong means to me, and I placed a model call for "survivors".

Now for me, a survivor could be anyone that has been through their own personal hell and back, only be become stronger from it. And these beautiful women answered my call.

Each had such an amazing survivor story to tell, and despite the fact that each survived completely different obstacles, all had the exact same statement while telling me their stories....
"I went through depression..."

Often times when someone says they are a survivor of XYZ illness/accident/disease, we look for physical scars. We forget that scars aren't always visible, and that those invisible scars run much deeper within us than any other scar. They alter us in ways that no one can see.

With all that Nebraska has gone through and is still going through, I wanted to show the world these five beautifully strong Nebraskan woman. They have seen the darkness and fought back.

Maggie, a stage 4 cancer survivor and bone morrow transplant recipient.
April & Star, childhood physical, sexual and mental abuse survivors.
Candy & Aggie, a severe car accident and loss of a sister/daughter survivors.

Each has physical and mental scars.
Each chooses to wake up everyday, stronger.
Each knows that their scars are only part of their story.
Each is beautiful inside and out.
Each is "Perfectly Imperfect".

#whatyoudontsee #NebraskaStrong #E3PhotographyStudio

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August 25, 2015 5:22 PM August

 Las Vegas, NV

About two weeks before we were set to pack up and move to Nebraska I get a email to photograph a birth. Now this email is a little different than most. This email was from a wonderful momma visiting Las Vegas to adopt a sweet little baby boy, but they didn't know if the mom would allow photographs of the birth. 

She was so excited! Her emails were full of joy over this new little boy that would soon be joining their family, and she said she wanted every moment captured. How could I ever say no to this wonderful story!?!? I couldn't! I had to capture this beautiful story for her. 

Unfortunately, the birth mother didn't want to be photographed, so the birth was out of the question...but lifestyle newborn photos were not. Just days after his birth, and two days before our move, I met them at their hotel to photograph the first moments of becoming a new family of 5. The light was beautiful and so was this family. This sweet little boy is truly blessed.

Here are just a few of my favorites from this stunning Newborn Adoption story.

August 12, 2015 5:03 PM August

Las Vegas, NV

Oh this sweet little girl! How can she be 2 already?!? This is such a fun age, and while it can scare some photographers away...I live for this age. The curiosity and personality that the age of 2 brings is my favorite to photograph. And Miss Vivian sure brought her personality to this shoot. We had bubbles, balloons, books...anything and everything to keep her smiling. She was a dream for her session, and the photos truly show just how precious she is.

Enjoy a few of my favorite images below...

August 10, 2015 3:08 PM August

 Las Vegas, NV

I can not believe this sweet little angel is turning one! It feels like just yesterday I was there documenting her arrival into this world, and now to capture her first birthday...so special. So many milestones I have had the privilege to capture over this year. It is truly so special!

Miss Celisse is always so happy for her photo sessions, and this time around she was definitely hamming it up for the camera. And once the cake came out...Oh forget about it! She was giddy! And the cake was pulvorized. Ha! I love to capture these birthday sessions. To see their joy, curiosity, and to watch the mess unfold. It is awesome!

Here are just a few of my favorites from this super fun Cake Smash session. Enjoy!

August 9, 2015 5:29 PM August

Las Vegas, NV

Miss Penelope started off her session a little shy and reserved, but once she got going...and of course saw the cake...she was all smiles and full of energy. Such a sweet little girl! Happy Birthday!

Here are a few of my faves....

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