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Welcome Miss Gracyn | A Home Birth Story

June 15, 2014

Las Vegas, NV

Before I tell you this birth story...I have to tell you this. 

So...this beautiful momma comes into my office for a consultation for Birth Photography. She explains she has older children, and has always had very easy, super fast births. Ok. Not a problem as she lives less than 2 miles from my home. I will be prepared to leave at a moments notice...now, remember she said she had fast and easy births. 

Then.....her due date comes and goes....and another week goes by....and another week is almost past and I'm thinking "This baby is going to come soon!" when the call comes in. BUT...mom says "No. I don't think you need to come yet. I'm just going to get in the shower for a bit. Not sure this is real just yet." 

Now, I've heard quite a few moms say this...and knowing that this momma has super fast births...I pack my bag, change my clothes, and start heading to my car anyway. There was just something in her voice, and my instincts were screaming...GET THERE NOW! That's when I get a call from her midwife..."So, Miss Kandice is in labor and I'm heading there now. I'm excited to meet you..." That's right, the midwife has the same idea I have...she is in labor and baby will be here without us if we don't hurry.

So, I get in my car and head over...less than 2 miles to her home so it's a quick trip. Yet when I arrive, Mom has just gotten out of the shower and you can tell by her labor noises...this baby is coming fast and furious. And the Midwife is still several minutes out.

Dad seeing me setting my camera bag down says "She just seems to need to go to the bathroom. She's not ready yet." Except I know from experience....when you feel the urge to poop that late in labor...it's not poop, it's the baby's head! And I ask "How often is she feeling this urge?" "Every couple minutes..." he explains. This sends me into a little bit of "omg the midwife isn't here" mode, and I quickly get my cameras together and out of the way before checking on momma.

Everything was already laid out ready for the midwife and the birth tub was filling with water, but mom was now sitting on the toilet and sounding like she was pushing. Not the greatest spot for memorable photos but babies come where they want. So I asked her if she was ok and needed anything as I'm flipping through my phone trying to find the midwives phone number again. When just then....Midwife Kathya Raebel,walks into the room. She quickly evaluates mom and says "DON'T PUSH! Photographer get over here and hold her hand while I run and get my bag."

This photog just got upgraded to doula in less than a split second....

Just as I grab moms hand to help her through a contraction...her water breaks and she looks up at me in shock and complete disbelief. And honestly...I think I looked at her the same way! I looked down and sure enough...there is a baby head crowning. 

With a sigh, I looked at mom and tell her very calmly the following: "Baby's head is coming down momma. Do you want to have this baby here on the toilet or in the tub in the other room?" She quickly says "The TUB!" and I grabbed her hand, quickly helped her up and into the tub just as the midwife enters the room with her bag.

Grabbed my camera....*Snap* *Snap* 

Two photos taken as the midwife starts counter pressure on moms perineum area. I headed toward the door to yell for dad...*Snap* another photo...Baby's head is out...dad is running up the stairs with a bottle of water for mom...and baby is here just as dad enters the bedroom door...*snap*.

One of the best photos of mom catching her daughter I have ever had the honor of capturing. Sheer joy on moms face as she held her new baby girl up to her chest.

All in all this is a birth that I will NEVER forget. It will always be the birth that I thought I was going to have to help catch a baby. Ha!

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Welcome Miss Gracyn | A Home Birth Story
Welcome Miss Gracyn | A Home Birth Story
Welcome Miss Gracyn | A Home Birth Story
Welcome Miss Gracyn | A Home Birth Story
Welcome Miss Gracyn | A Home Birth Story
Welcome Miss Gracyn | A Home Birth Story
Welcome Miss Gracyn | A Home Birth Story

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