Wall Art Displays

So you have had your photo session. You had the time of your life and are anxious to see what beautiful images were captured during the session. But then what?

Do you get prints? Do you order Canvases? And where to hang them? HOW to hang them?

So many decisions to make! And that is why we are here to help. We want to  make it easy for you to create beautiful, long lasting wall art displays in your home...without all the stress.

While, we offer four amazing Portrait Collections that create fantastic wall displays for your home, we also LOVE to custom create a display pieces. So, in order to take some stress off you during your viewing and ordering consultation, we ask you take the following steps to prepare.

1.) Take a look around your home. Is there wall space available for a wall gallery display?
Do you already have one started, but aren't sure how to add to it? 

2.) Take some measurements of the space(s) you wish to hang photos.
You will need to know how big the space is in order to know what size of wall art display to purchase.

3.) Now for the hard part....Canvas or Print, Wood print or all of the above? And to answer that, you need to know your style. So, again take a look around your house. Are you a modern design person or classic? Do you like clean or funky lines? Much like you did when you were choosing your outfits for the photo session itself, define your style and keep it in your head when you come in for your viewing. 

No matter what you choose...prints, canvas, wood, metal, or acrylic...
what matters most is that you are getting your images printed!
That you are choosing to display them in your home with pride.

You see, several clinical studies have shown that families with images of their family and kiddos on the wall, have kids with better self-esteem and self-worth. The kids feel more at ease with less anxieties and know they are loved. How amazing is that?!?

So, no matter what you choose or how you choose to display your images, what matter most is that you get your images printed. And please know that we are here to help you create stunning works of art that you are proud to display throughout your home for generations to come.

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