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Why Hire a Professional Birth Photographer?

So here is “The Scenario”…

This is it! Today is the day! You are soon to meet your beautiful baby after a long 9 months of waiting. You have your OB/Midwife ready. You have your support team standing by to help you. Then…the final pushes, and here he/she is. Wet, wrinkly, and the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. You cry…laugh…feel overwhelmed with joy that all you can say is “I did it!” or “Oh my God! Thank you!” Baby lets out it’s first cry, and you laugh because it is the best sound in the world. You count the little fingers and little toes, and you try to figure out who’s nose baby has. Then your husband kisses you gently on the forehead, tears running down his face and he says “I’m so proud of you. I love you so much. Look what we made.” You are a family! Baby nuzzles in to your breast, and you can’t help but stare at this beautiful little creature you brought into the world. The love you feel is overwhelming. How can one person love another so much? And you realize, you are a mom. Even though you have just met this little person, you would do anything for them.

Nurses leave, doulas say their congrats and go home, Doctors/Midwives say they will check on you tomorrow….you are left to bond with your child…to bond as a family. Then you realize, you still haven’t taken a photo to send to the Grandparents. Who will take your first Family photo? Aunties and Uncles are anxiously waiting news and photos. Baby is already 3-4 hours old and looks different already. You realize how quickly they change. As the hours pass…with sleep deprivation and all the excitement of visitors, the memories of your child’s birth start to fade and meld together. Was it, 4 pushes or 10? Did my husband help? Did he cut the cord? Who all was in my room? And you start to wish you had photos or video of it all so you could remember it better.

This is where a Professional Birth Photographer comes in handy!

Birth Photography has been around for YEARS. Professional Photographers have been photographing birth since the 1960’s, and even earlier in some instances. Most people have not even considered it or thought about it as a possibility for their child’s birth as we are conditioned in modern society to think of birth as “gross”. However, to parents, grandparents, doulas, Midwives and OB’s birth is a beautiful miracle. It’s awe-inspiring to watch a child come into the world through whatever journey it has to take, and then to see it’s first breaths of life. Simply marvelous! The job of a Professional Birth Photographer is to capture that beauty…

E3 Photography Studio - Home Birth2the love that a mother and father have for this new little person, the love of a new family…

E3 Photography Studio - Home Birththe joy, the tears, the amazing strength a mother bears for the sake of her child. All of this is beautiful. All of this tells your child’s story, and all deserves to be documented.

This is what we…Professional Birth Photographers…do. We observe, document, and capture the events happening before us in such a way that when you look back at the images, you smile at how beautiful your child’s first moments of life were. You remember the details in the order they happened. You can admire the love and beauty of this birth experience.

So what is the cost of hiring a Professional….

First, before we get too involved in pricing…here is a little qualm I have with pricing in general. People in today’s modern society never think twice about hiring a wedding photographer and spending thousands for their wedding photos. Thousands of dollars are dropped on weddings…especially wedding photographers, to pay for their time and talent. Which is wonderful! You should pay for the appropriate price for a persons talent. However, in today’s society…you unfortunately can’t guarantee a marriage will last.  What you can guarantee is the love you will have for your child forever. Your child’s birth is momentous! A once in a lifetime event that alters your perceptions on what is truly important in life from that moment forward. Sure you can have more kids, and can try to tell yourself that it’s not that “momentous”…but each child has their own birth experience to tell.

Each child is unique. What would you spend to have this once in a lifetime moment captured beautifully forever, by a Professional Birth Photographer?

Pricing for Professional Birth Photography varies widely from state to state and photographer to photographer. However, most will say the same thing….no mater what type of birth you have (Home Birth, Hospital Birth, or C-Section) our fees cover our time of being on-call, our time during your birth, our talent in capturing beautiful images that last a lifetime, and our professionalism in the editing room. We put our own lives on hold for days at a time to be on call for you. We drop everything we have to be there for you, day or night, for 6 hours to 48 hours if need be. We spend HOURS culling and editing through 100-500 images from each birth, to find the right images that tell your child’s birth story. If you had to be on-call for 4-6 weeks, to be called into work at a moments notice at 3am, to spend 20 hours at work and then come home with 8 more hours of work to finish…what would you expect the price tag for your time to be?

My fee’s for Birth Photography start at $1200 with add-on's from there. I am a legitimate professional with years of experience, Licensed and Insured, with an extensive portfolio. If you would like more information on my pricing, I encourage you to checkout my website investment page.

E3 Photography Studio - HomeWaterBirthHiring a Professional Birth Photographer shouldn’t be an afterthought or a regret for you. I myself have four children, and I regret so much not having a photographer there to document the births for our first three kiddos. I would give anything to go back and do it all again with a Birth Photographer. Luckily, with our forth child, I have the images I had longed for. Beautiful moments captured forever. 

Do some research in your area. Get to know some of your local Professional Birth Photographers. Ask them questions and see their birth portfolios. Find a person that you connect with…a person you feel comfortable around, as well as someone that will capture the most precious and beautiful images you want captured. You will never regret it!

E3 Photography Studio - HomeBirth2

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