Frequently Asked Questions


1. When to Schedule Your Photo Session?
I get a lot of calls for last minute sessions, and while I LOVE to try and squeeze everyone in…there are times when I am quite literally booked up and have to turn folks away. So, the best advice I can give to you is the earlier, the better when it comes to scheduling your photo sessions.

Maternity:  We prefer to photograph Belly sessions between 30-36 weeks of pregnancy…earlier if you are expecting multiples. Best time to book is no later than 25 weeks. 

Birth: I go on-call for birth clients starting at 36-37 weeks (earlier if you are expecting multiples), and full payment for Birth Photography is due by 37 weeks. The best time to book would be around 15-20 weeks into your pregnancy. This will allow you enough time to set up a good payment plan, as well as give us enough time to get to know each other.  With that all said though...I am more than happy to take you on even if you are already in labor. Just give me a call! 

Newborn: Sessions for newborns really depend on the baby. I usually suggest between 5-10 days old, when baby is sleepiest. However, while I do understand that things come up and a newborn session can be done as late as 3-4 weeks of age, we do recommend getting your baby in within 2 weeks of birth. Obviously, if your baby is in the NICU, we can schedule a session for when they are ready.

2. Do you photograph weddings or engagements?
Unfortunately, no. I am more of a baby centered photographer. While I have captured a few weddings in the past, I have come to realize babies and mommas are more where my hearts passion lives.

3. How far will you travel for a Birth?
As you could probably guess, birth is a hard one to put on a time line. While I am always up for traveling anywhere in the continental U.S. for a client (especially a Birth Client), I try to stick with in a 60 mile radius of Hastings, NE where our studio resides. Outside of this radius, I do apply travel and lodging fees. Just call for a quote!

4. Do we have to order Prints through you?
Each of our Session Collections contains a certain amount of amazing prints, products, and credits. There is also quite a difference in quality when it comes to ordering through our professional labs vs other local sources, so we encourage clients to let us help with their print and product needs! However, while we highly recommend ordering prints through us, it is not required.

5. Do we have to set up a Viewing Consultation after our session?
Yeppers! Your viewing consultation allows you the opportunity to ask me questions, figure out exactly what you need for family and friends, see example images of what your prints will look like on your wall, and best of all...it’s the best way to save money.
Who doesn’t want that!?

6. Are there things I should or should not do before my session date?
A lot of clients ask me what clothes to wear, what colors to wear, what props to bring, etc. However, there are a few more recommendations that you might not think of before your portrait session. So, I have compiled a short list of do's and don'ts for anyone planning their next photographic experience.

Hair Color & Spray Tans:
We don't recommend coloring your hair or getting a spray tan the day before your photo session. Both can be great ways to add color to your images and make you look and feel younger. However, the day before your session is not the best day. If you were to have a skin reaction...it will show up in your images, and who wants that?! We recommend getting any colorant work done at least 3-4 days prior to your session, just in case!

Feeding Baby:
The day before your session probably isn't the best day to test out new formula or eat a plate full of beans and cauliflower if you are breastfeeding. New foods can often make baby feel bloated or gassy, and when baby is feeling that way...crankiness follows. Sorry mom! Many of our “uncomfortable” days are from the foods and beverages we eat and drink, and a cranky baby probably isn't what you would like for newborn photos either. If you do want to test out something new for yourself  or baby, please be sure to have Gas-Ex, Mylacon, Gripe water, etc. readily available the day of your photo session. We want you to enjoy your experience!

We don't recommend
pulling an all-nighter the day before your photo session. Easier said than done when you have kids, I know! However, try to get plenty of sleep the night before. This will have you relaxed and happy for your session. 

I beg of you, please DO NOT come to your session with a fever or vomiting! You would think this one is pretty self explanatory, right? If you are super sick…please don't share the germs.  Simply give us a call to reschedule if you are sick. I promise to understand and will thank you! 

I hope you found these answers helpful. Remember, if you are ever have a questions, please just email or call me. I am always happy to help!
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